About Dwyer Aviation Services


Dwyer Aviation Services is northern Queensland’s top helicopter aerial work specialist and have been proudly servicing our clients since 1980, as the region’s best and most professional helicopter service.

Our fleet of helicopters and extensive ground support allows for uninterrupted aerial operation and our expert pilots and world class equipment ensure a safe and professional experience every time. We are committed to a process of continuous improvement ensuring that our operations are conducted in the safest and most efficient way possible. This makes us the obvious choice for all your aerial needs.

Due to the demand for our expertise and experience, we regularly travel considerable distances throughout Queensland to provide our valued clients with aerial work and corporate charter services.


Since 1980
Growing from a single pilot, single aircraft enterprise back in 1980, we have developed a long standing professional network and established a much larger scale operation to become North Queensland’s number one helicopter aerial work specialist. Many industry leaders and Government departments prefer to use Dwyer Aviation Services as we are a one-stop shop for all helicopter needs. We have the resources to take on tasks from a single needs basis to a whole project, with every operation tied in closely with our extensive Safety Management System, tailor made for our company.


All your requirements covered

Bell 407 – The ultimate in utility helicopters!
Seats up to 6 passengers
Very fast – up to 140 knots
Multi-Bladed for increased stability
Excellent power-safety margin
Turbine engine

Robinson R44
Seats up to 3 passengers
Piston engine

We can also provide, for additional cost, if required:
• helicopter-experienced and qualified riggers
• a full Job Safety Plan for the helicopter work
• helicopter ground support crew, refuellers and vehicles


We are serious about safety

Dwyer Aviation Services is committed to providing superior quality in both performance and service to all our clients. We are serious about safety, and incorporate a comprehensive risk management process into all aspects of our business. Our professional conduct and uncompromising approach to safety is critical in our active pursuit of mishap prevention and successful risk management. The specialist aerial work and charter services we provide are analysed within the framework of our Safety Management System, giving assurance to clients that risk is reduced to a level As Low As Reasonably Practicable. We strive for continuous safety improvements, and pride ourselves at being industry leaders in sharing safety information with our clients.

Our aircraft are fitted with satellite flight tracking technology. This allows us to remotely monitor and track the progress of all flights, resulting in improved safety and additional peace of mind for our clients.


Dedicated and friendly
Owner and Director Don Tudehope, is the company’s Chief Pilot with close to two decades of extensive professional flying experience. Don is one of the most respected Pilots in the helicopter industry across North Queensland. A Grade II Helicopter Instructor, Don works with our team of Pilots to maintain peak industry performance on all levels. All of our Pilots have the highest level of experience working in regional and remote areas, have rural backgrounds and thousands of hours logged in low level aerial work. Under Dwyer Aviation’s Safety Management System, all pilots undertake industry professional and safety courses to improve their knowledge and skill-set on a regular basis, allowing us to maintain the best possible service in North Queensland. Dwyer Aviation Services employs a dedicated and friendly team of Helicopter Ground Support and Administration Personnel. At this time we maintain several active ground support vehicles, in addition to an extensive array of task-specific equipment.