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Fire management


Fire lighting

Dwyer Aviation Services offers a complete aerial incendiary service including:

• Fully equipped helicopter with experienced low-level Pilot;
• World-class “Red Dragon” automatic Incendiary Machine, with variable drop rates and in-built safety systems;
• Incendiary balls; and
• Qualified and experienced Bombardier.
Our fire lighting service is used regularly by Government Agencies for hazard reduction burns and for the control of weeds.


Fire Fighting

At Dwyer Aviation we acknowledge the threats and challenges that fire poses to all areas across Australia. Our service can assist in combating bushfires that may be difficult for the ground fire crew to overcome.

• The team is experienced in fire fighting, fire surveillance and crew transport
• We can dispatch multiple helicopters at once
• Our fire buckets can be transported inside the helicopter thereby enabling rapid response time. Buckets can be filled from local dams, creeks, rivers or collar tanks
• We are on call 24hrs, 7 days a week for emergencies